“Titan Whisky” Japanese CommercialAs an inside joke — and a nod to the 1992 Tom Selleck film Mr. Baseball — Jesse Jackman decided to write “Titan Whisky” in Japanese on the side of a bottle used in OUT!’s final scene. Jesse, who studied in Japan when he was in college, was impressed by the devotion of Japanese baseball fans he met when he lived there. He also saw many Japanese television commercials featuring cameos by American celebrities, and decided it would be fun to record a fake Titan Whisky spot for his blog (link NSFW). Titan director Jasun Mark saw the clip and, after having perhaps one too many glasses of whisky himself, turned it into this insane 25-second commercial which was incorporated into OUT!’s final cut. The phrase Jesse speaks at the end — O-kau ni irete smiru! — means “Put it in your mouth… and smile!”

Out! Interview Scene (Camera 3 Footage)

Here is the raw “camera 3” footage from OUT!’s loosely-scripted interview scene, in which professional baseball manager A.J. Benson (played by Jesse Jackman) comes out to sportscaster Jim Weaver (played by Dallas Steele) during a live, nationally-televised broadcast. Camera 3 is a handheld, high-definition camera that TitanMen uses for filming behind-the-scenes video and miscellaneous B-roll footage.

Jesse Jackman Plays Football in the Snow

TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman is a member of FLAG Flag Football, Boston’s LGBTQ flag football league. Jesse is an offensive lineman, so he doesn’t catch a lot of passes… but he did snag a few (like the one in this video) during his league’s annual “Snow Bowl” in February. FLAG Flag Football, which welcomes players of all skill levels and also welcomes straight allies, has 22 teams and nearly 300 participants, and reaches hundreds more people through educational and outreach activities. For more information about FLAG Flag Football please visit flagflagfootball.com, and for a list of additional resources for LGBT athletes, visit the OUT! resources page.