OUT! Trailer (PG Version)

Here’s the PG trailer for TitanMen’s OUT! starring Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele, Nick Prescott, Diesel Washington, Eric Nero, Luke Adams, and Dirk Caber. Also be sure to check out the film’s blooper reel and fake Japanese commercial.

To watch the unedited, adults-only trailer, click here. (NOTE: The unedited trailer is intended for mature audiences only; you must be at least 18 years old to view.)

The idea for a sports-related coming out film was first proposed by TitanMen Vice President Keith Webb in an email to TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman in May of 2015. “How about we plan a project for you around a professional athlete coming out,” Keith’s email read. “Maybe you are a professional rugby player who comes out as gay? I would like to try and do something with you that has some social relevance and meaning to it, not just another adult film.”

Jesse, an openly gay man who’s been participating in team sports for his entire life, immediately recognized the potential of a project like this to deliver a socially-relevant message while still serving as high-quality adult entertainment. He replied:

I’m so excited about an athlete coming out story! When I was a college athlete (and still closeted) I watched a lot of porn, and if I’d seen a film where one of the characters came out to his coach, I might have been inspired to do the same. Especially if my coach was hot. Maybe I’m hoping for too much, but maybe that’ll happen to someone who watches this film, some nervous closeted collegiate athlete… which will help him become a more complete, comfortable person and get him bent over a desk by his hot football coach for the hottest sex of his young life. Or something. :) So I think it could both push a lot of erotic buttons for people and also be a great social statement. I’ve played lots sports and would feel comfortable with a setting in any of them… baseball, football, ice hockey, rugby… a football uniform is a bit complicated, but I bet I could scare up some baseball equipment.

Keith and Jesse settled on a baseball-themed movie set during spring training. The pair worked on the script over the next couple of months, and production began in July of 2015 with TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark at the helm. The film’s cast features no less than five TitanMen exclusive performers (Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele, Nick Prescott, Diesel Washington, and Eric Nero), joined by Jesse’s industry veterans Dirk Caber — Jesse’s real-life husband — and Luke Adams. Production of OUT! wrapped in December 2015 with an eye to a March 2016 release… during spring training, of course!

Jesse Jackman, the co-creator and star of OUT!, has played many sports as an openly gay man, including rugby, hockey, and flag football. He drew on those experiences in writing the film.