OUT! Blooper Reel

Here’s the blooper reel from the interview portion of OUT! starring Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele. The reason Jesse starts laughing at the 1:49 mark is that a fly — which had been buzzing around all afternoon — lands directly on Dallas’s upper lip, prompting the “at least it didn’t go in” comment from director Jasun Mark. Also, watch for a cameo by Jesse’s real-life husband Dirk Caber at 1:17! (He steps in as a stagehand who turns off a flood light.)

Jesse, who studied in Japan during his college years, created the bottle of Titan Whisky (チタン ウイスキー) at 2:32 as a fake “product placement” for use during the interview. Jasun Mark even put together a Titan Whisky commercial as an extra for the film; watch it here. (By the way, the bottle actually contains iced tea.)

To watch an extended version of the blooper reel, please visit Jasun’s Vimeo page (warning: contains some graphic language).